Hothouse Corporate Services
Hothouse Design offers a range of one-stop design services world-wide. Our dedicated and talented team of design professionals can develop and deliver products and services that will attract customers to your business and build their loyalty. 

Graphic Design and Illustration 
Whether you need a motif that meets your need for a corporate image, a full colour catalogue production run, or just a press-ready colour scan, our team of professional graphic designers is ready to turn your visions into reality.

All our equipment is in-house and state-of-the-art. Our wide range of Desktop Publishing systems and Agfa, 3M, and Apple pre-press technologies make unique solutions possible - on time and within budget. 

We aim to improve the quality of life of office workers. Hothouse-designed office fixtures and fittings provide ergonomic, multifunctional workstation solutions that make best use of available floorspace.

CAD systems convert initial interior design concepts to practical and environmentally friendly products that rely on renewable resources, such as veneers and laminates from birch and beech. Hothouse clients always work in harmony with their environment. 

Packaging Design 
Hothouse provides packaging design and packing services to the retail, service and transport industries with its software based CAD and DTP systems. For software developers and distributors we also provide a one-stop packaging service. Cover designs are readily transformed into production runs by our shrink wrap equipment - a fleet of Battle Creek 431 RABB Bundlers and Clamco Tunnel Rollers.

Major names in the retail industry have reaped the benefits of our rotary letterpress design services - multi-colour, offset quality labels manufactured in rolls. For outdoor environments we produce multi-colour silk screened labels - eight colour, pinfeed or thermal transfer. 

Point of Sale
HSA Retail Online, jointly developed by Hothouse Design and Specktrum Allianz(Switzerland), is a business-to-business and consumer-to-business Internet system that allows for online shopping.

HSA Retail Online integrates SET into each phase of the e-commerce transaction and uses digital certificates to guarantee authenticity for the consumer, the merchant, and the bank.

Hothouse Design also develops more traditional EPOS systems for speciality market clients - department stores, distributed retail, and the hospitality industries. A typical Hothouse EPOS system will feature a bar code or magnetic stripe reader, receipt printer, credit card authorisation, a client preference tracking system and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for processing financial transactions and inventory management. 

Information Services 
Over the last decade Hothouse Design has acquired a wealth of knowledge about market preferences and needs. In its acquisition and processing of information it has refined and developed tools that make data collection and data storage fast and accurate, and manipulation of data and its analysis relevant to client requirements. 

Hothouse Information Sevices provide a full range of Computer Systems Design, Data Management Services and Automation Systems Design to clients. Relational database systems, and data analysis and manipulation tools are used extensively in projects where Hothouse Design undertakes data mining activities and data processing on behalf of clients. Recent examples include surveys on computer use in Europe and analysis of Millennium Mug sales data for a well-known client. 

Hothouse Design has an impressive track record in producing training and promotional material for clients world-wide. We can design digital media for a range of delivery methods - PC based presentation graphics, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, WWW or Kiosk. Analogue media - VHS and Laserdisk - are also supported.

Our multimedia professionals will agree design concepts with you and help develop the multimedia that your customers need. 

Web Design
With the growth in the internet many companies need to bridge the gap between their business and potential customers who use the Internet. Hothouse has developed a number of bridging solutions that remove the mystique from e-Commerce. WebStoreBuilderTM and e-CommerceBuilderTM are proprietary Hothouse systems that enable businesses to quickly build an on-line storefront and sell their products on the internet.

We also recognise that many companies wish to have a non-retail sales presence on the world wide web. For these companies our designers can create simple web sites that aim to inform or entertain, or more complex web sites that use other revenue generating models such as banner advertising. 

NEW ! FreightNet

A maritime freight tracking system is now available. Read about FreightNet's success in Papua New Guinea 

The Future and Our Vision

" Our vision is limited only by our imagination. We can turn the impossible into the possible. If technology is the foundation stone and our designers' skills provide the infrastructure, then HotHouse can weave our clients' dreams into the fabric of success." 

Roger Keynes, at the 1999 World Ecosafe Award ceremony, Manaus, Brazil 

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