"New Brighton aims to compete with Asia's top Container Ports"

From the Straits Times, Singapore. By Rajiv Vittachi, Business Correspondent

In a remote corner of Papua, New Guinea, technology is turning the New Brighton Container Docks into a force that Port Authorities throughout Asia will envy. A consortium of Design and Technology companies, led by HotHouse Design of Cambridge, England has just completed a three year project that takes the port into the 21st Century. A revolutionary new method of packaging freight for shipping, designed by HotHouse, has almost doubled the Docks freight storage and shipping capacity.

And that's not all. A high-tech freight tracking system will enable shipping agents from Argentina to Zambia to locate in seconds the status of their shipments on the Internet using FreightNet.

The FreightNet system was launched on February 13th, 2000. 

Hothouse Design has developed a specific training package for staff in FreightNet offices around the world. The training programme ensures that staff understand and can fully operate the system to its maximum effectiveness, so enabling FreightNet to deliver a first class service to its customers.

Training dates and the training programme can be viewed by downloading the attached files, dtrain.txt and strain.txt

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