From 'Manaus Weekly News', October 1999, Manaus, Brazil.
Translated from the Portuguese by Pat Martinez

HotHouse designs Cool Interiors in the Amazon

Residents of our city can now enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to the strangely named HotHouse Design Company of England. Commissioned by the Government and partly financed by the World Bank, just over 2,000 of Manaus' residents will enter the 21st Century in apartments they could only ever dream of.

The tower, which locals now call Amazon Heights, actually looks like an inverted pyramid and houses offices, shops and even public gardens in addition to apartments. The tower was designed to build a community spirit that works without damage to the environment.

Hothouse Design won the 1999 World Ecosafe Award for the development that preserves the environment for many kilometres around Amazon Heights.

Roger Keynes, Managing Director of HotHouse Design, Cambridge, England received the 1999 World Ecosafe Award from Javier Perez, President of the World Ecosafe Foundation, at a presentation at the Grand Plaza Hotel, Manaus, last Sunday for the design of Amazon Heights to the highest ecological standards in 1999.