Staff Profiles 

Roger Keynes, MA MSc.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Hothouse Design Group - Hothouse Design (UK) Ltd and Hothouse International.
Roger Keynes founded Hothouse Design Ltd in 1983 as a Graphics Design Agency with a small client base in East Anglia. Over the last two decades he has expanded the company internationally into niche markets. A Cambridge graduate, Roger Keynes plays an active role in Hothouse Design, leading the strategic development of the Hothouse Group in international markets.

Ken Browne, BSc(Econ) FCCA
Director of Finance for the Hothouse Design Group.
Ken Browne joined Hothouse Design (UK) in 1985 as an Accountant. Internal promotion led to his current appointment as Finance Director for UK and international operations. The Division is responsible for Hothouse Design (UK) staff payroll and personnel, and supplier and client contracts. The Division monitors and co-ordinates the financial activities of the international offices.

Jane McDonald
Director of Administration, Hothouse Design (UK)
The Administration Division provides secretarial, information technology, manpower and training services to Hothouse Design (UK) and its largely autonomous international offices. Jane McDonald joined the Hothouse Design, New York (USA) office when it opened in 1994 and moved to the UK to take up the post of Director of Administration in 1999.

Gerry Mitchell
Sales Director, Hothouse Design Group
Gerry Mitchell joined Hothouse Design (UK) in 1998 after his success as a regional sales manager with Sun Microsystems UK. He is responsible for the sales of Hothouse products and services in the UK and co-ordinates the sales forces that work out of the international offices.

Pete Williams
Marketing Director, Hothouse Design Group
Pete Williams is Hothouse Design's Marketing Director with responsibility for the branding and promotion of the Hothouse Design image, products and services to clients world-wide. Prior to joining Hothouse Design 2 years ago he was a senior marketing consultant with Microsoft. 

Steve Bryce 
Design Director , Hothouse Design Group 
Steve Bryce, previously an Account Manager with Expression Systems, has been with Hothouse Design for the last 5 years. He is responsible for the design and development of all Hothouse's commissioned and package solutions for business clients. 

The Design Division is split into two departments - Design Division (Lifestyles) and Design Division (Technology).

Design Division (Lifestyles), led by Deputy Director Louise Bradford, covers Graphic Design and Illustration, Interior Design and Packaging Services.

Design Division (Technology), whose Deputy Director is Mike Hughes, covers Information Systems Services, Point of Sale systems, Multimedia and Web Design. 

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